Paul Lemaire is a30 year old photo reporter from the French alps.

After a degree inengineering, he decided to quit this path in late 2018 to start telling storiesof people he encounters and to witness a ever shifting world. After a shortstay in Lebanon and in Western Africa he decided (in late 2019) to hone hisskills by taking the EMI photojournalism class in Paris led by GuillaumeHerbaut and Julien Daniel.

The topics hecovers are mainly close to his family history or on the consequences of ourwestern consumptions’ habits on the people and country extracting the rawmaterials.

Photographer andwriter, his work has been published in LeMonde, Médiapart, LeParisien,EqualTimes and Libération. Both his work about Africa, one on small scale goldmining in Burkina and on cocoa production in Ivory Coast have been exhibited atLa Grange aux Belles (Paris) and at Les Promenades Photographiques (Vendome). 


Reportage de société, photo et vidéo
Reportage et portrait d'entreprise


Paris, France.
Savoie, France.


+33 (0) 6 50 26 62 36

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